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LiveJournal PubMed Community

PubMed Community
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pubmed is a community for people that are interested in PubMed, a resource for students and professionals in health-related fields.

This is an open community. Please act respectfully.

Feel free to post anything directly related to PubMed or its use on LiveJournal.

Users are especially encouraged to post information about PubMed RSS feeds that are already syndicated on LiveJournal. Paid users can syndicate RSS feeds, and anyone can create an RSS feed from a PubMed search (learn how).

If you create new syndicated feeds, please consider using one of the two following styles for naming the feed:
1. pm_topic
2. pubmed_topic
(where "topic" is something related to the search terms you syndicate).

A running list of PubMed feeds syndicated on LiveJournal. Let me know if you have others! And promote them on this site!
pubmed_pms (premenstrual syndrome), pm_porsolt_fst (the porsolt forced swim test), pm_postpartum (postpartum depression)

This community has been maintained by skip_town since it was created on January 18, 2006.